The right mudguards for every bike

Beitrag vom:8. November 2023

The five most popular mudguards from SKS GERMANY

Cyclists don’t have an easy time in bad weather: Moisture comes not only from above, but also from below. When moisture gets into shoes and clothing, it becomes really uncomfortable. Nothing can be done about the rain, but with the right mudguards you are at least protected against swirling water. The practical “tyre umbrellas” are available for every bike geometry, from racing bikes to city bikes. The five most popular SKS mudguards – made in Germany – can be found here: 

#1 Mountain bikes


If thick studs cut through the mud, the mudguards should be wider and longer. As an absolute favourite, the SHOCKBLADE (front) and X-BLADE (rear) have made it into the TOP 5. You can mount the angle-adjustable mudguards with just one hand and no tools. A practical feature: The spoiler made of soft plastic serves as an edge protector when getting on and off the bike.

Cyclist riding through autumn landscape with SKS mudguards.

#2 Racing bikes


As weight is important for racing bikes in addition to aerodynamics, the super-light RACEBLADE PRO XL are at the top of the popularity scale. The mudguards with an extra-long spoiler offer you perfect and complete carefree protection. Thanks to the quick-release system, they can be mounted in seconds, so that nothing stands in the way of your winter training in rainy weather. 

Road cyclist has SKS mudguards on bike and rides across road.

#3 City and trekking bikes


BLUEMELS are the first choice for trips around the city, whether for shopping or on the commute to work. The proven mudguards from the traditional brand consist of a multi-layer design made from aluminium and plastic and are very robust – and safe: If a branch gets between your spokes and locks the wheel, a safety system ensures that the stays are uncoupled.

Young woman riding bike across campus and has SKS mudguards on bike.

#4 Children’s bikes


It’s no wonder that they are on the SKS best-seller list: Kids love the ROWDY mudguards! With these cool mountain bike mudguards, they can cycle through puddles without getting covered in dirty water. And because children grow quickly: The rear dirtboard can be adjusted to fit all frame geometries thanks to the multi-adjust design.

Picture shows children's mountain bike with lettering "ROWDY".

#5 Gravel bikes


The SPEEDROCKER, specially developed for gravel bikes, conjures up a broad smile on your face instead of spray water. This is mainly due to its well-thought-out features: The double spoiler function at the front, the telescopic profile at the rear, the flexible adjustment thanks to mounting flaps and the recesses for brake lines – all this makes the SPEEDROCKER one of the most popular SKS mudguards.

Gravel bike rider rides through puddle and water splashes.

TIP: The width of the mudguard should exceed that of the tyre on each side by at least 3 mm. If the distance between the tyre and the mudguard is about 1.5 cm, you have done everything right. The mudguard must extend to at least the rear wheel or the front axle to prevent dirt from entering the drive.