Love is in the air

Beitrag vom:11. March 2024

The fresh bike pump campaign from SKS GERMANY

Authentic love: Since 1932, we have been producing bike pumps every day with a great deal of passion and good Sauerland air. So that your bike works and gets you to your destination. To your favourite place. With your favourite person. In our new marketing campaign “Love is in the Air”, love goes through the tyres. Find out private details about the life of our bike pumps in this blog. 

Picture shows couple in love with Rennkompressor

Love story since 1966 

The RENNKOMPRESSOR pump has been much loved for generations. It’s no wonder because every single floor pump is officially coupled up here. This is the name given to the connection of the cylinder rod and handle to the tube and base. A bond for life – because love is never void of air.

Picture shows the Rennkompressor floor pumps with logo Love is in the air

Bar keeper

Trouble’s brewing and you need to deflate your tyre? Not a problem for our AIRKOMPRESSOR pump. It is the sexy “bar keeper” that then charmingly re-inflates your tyre to 10 bar. We love it! 😉

Picture shows the air compressor with logo Love is in the air

More than hot air

Competition enthusiasts get their money’s worth with the AIRBUSTER pump! The CO2 pump is a loyal partner that stand by you when it matters. It then pumps you and your tyres up again in the toughest races when you are out of air. 

Picture shows the Airbuster bike pump with logo Love is in the air

The ultimate pleasure

“High on emotion”, our AIRMOTION floor pump does its job. With its large steel tube, the pressure gauge at the top and many detailed features, it promises the ultimate pleasure when inflating tyres to 12 bar. 

Picture shows the Airmotion floor pump with logo Love is in the air

Not an airhead 

This mini pump is easy to fall in love with! The small AIRBOY surpasses itself with every task. Its unique two-chamber pumping system ensures a high pressure of up to 8 bar. What more could the heart desire?

Picture shows the Airboy bike pump with logo Love is in the air

Lives on air and love

Loving greetings go out to all those afflicted with back pain! Although it is used a lot, the AIRSTEP foot pump sits at your feet and provides enormous pressure so that you can inflate your tyres very easily. This can only be real love! 

Picture shows the Airstep foot pump with logo Love is in the air

It’s a match! 

News from the love life of our bike pumps! Did you know that our AIRFLEX hose pump is fitted to all gravel bikes? It’s a match! Incidentally, gravel biking is the wild fusion between road biking and mountain biking: passionate and a bit dirty. 

Picture shows the Airflex bike pump with logo Love is in the air

Our heart pumps SKS

Whether you cycle at a single-speed or are in a relationship with your mountain bike, there’s hardly anything more romantic than the sound of a freshly inflated tyre. At SKS GERMANY, we firmly believe that love is not only in the air, but also in the right tyre pressure – because true love never runs out of air.