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The smartphone holder for all conventional handlebars and front-end combinations holds your smartphone safely and securely even in extremely rough terrain. With a twist, you can affix your smartphone horizontally or vertically thanks to the oversized bayonet attachment and can move it into the desired position by adjusting the angle.





The COMPIT+ system consists of a smartphone holder and Qi-certified +COM/UNIT with integrated NFC chip. Every mobile device equipped with a cordless charging function can be connected with the Qi-certified +COM/UNIT and charged on the go – at any angle and with in use. Attach with a twist via the oversized bayonet mount.





Developed especially for e-bikes with Bosch Intuvia/Nyon displays, the COMPIT/E smartphone holder is adapted in order to build up an integrated unit on the handlebar between the smartphone and the E-Bike-display. With a twist, you can attach your smartphone horizontally or vertically thanks to the oversized bayonet mount and can move it into the desired position by adjusting the angle.





The COMPIT/E+ system consists of a smartphone holder and Qi-certified +COM/UNIT with integrated NFC chip. Connected to the e-bike’s power source via USB interface on the board computer, the sophisticated technology allows your smartphone to charge wirelessly while riding. A twist secures the unit onto all conventional handlebar/front end combinations and allows for any angle.





QI-CHARGER (wireless charging)
The Qi-certified +COM/UNIT charging station allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly while riding – at any angle and with simultaneous use. Mobile devices that are not equipped with wireless charging can be connected and charged via the USB connection on the +COM/UNIT. Attach with a twist thanks to the oversized bayonet mount.
With NFC-capable smartphones, the NFC chip integrated into the +COM/UNIT can be equipped with various functions, such as the SKS MYBIKE-APP.


battery capacity5000 mAh
Qi - Wireless transmission power5W
USB - OutputDC 5V/2A
USB - InputDC 5V/2A
NFC - ChipNTAG 216, 924 Byte




Questions concerning the product/accessories

Which bikes can the COMPIT system be used with?
There is a COMPIT system available for use with standard bikes and eBikes (pedelecs) and one that is especially for use with eBikes with a Bosch Intuvia/Nyon display.

Which handlebar brackets can the COMPIT be used with?
The COMPIT system was developed for handlebar brackets with the diameters 22.2 mm, 25.4 mm and 31.8 mm.

How long is the warranty that SKS GERMANY offers for the COMPIT system?
All of the components that are included as standard are covered by a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. SKS GERMANY provides a 6 months warranty for all of the wearing parts – especially the +COM/UNIT battery unit.

Are the COMPIT and the COM/UNIT available separately?
Yes, the COMPIT smartphone holder can be ordered separately and the +COM/UNIT battery unit can also be purchased later.

Which accessories are included in the COMPIT or COMPIT+ COMPIT/E+ as standard?
Adapters for a front light are included when you purchase the COMPIT/COMPIT+ and COMPIT/E+. Adapters for an action camera can also be ordered as an optional accessory.

The +COM/UNIT battery unit is included with the COMPIT+ and the COMPIT/E+.

How do I mount the smartphone on the COMPIT or COM/UNIT?
You require a suitable cover with a special mounting device for your smartphone. Once the cover or cover adapter has been fitted to your smartphone, the smartphone is mounted by being twisted over the bayonet attachment ( in a horizontal or vertical position). The smartphone can be released by pressing the release lever and twisting the smartphone.

Which light fits onto the bracket?
You need a light with a maximum light base width of 12 mm. The minimum drill hole diameter has to be 6 mm. A LUPINE SL can also be directly mounted without an adapter. The light is simply mounted on the clamping arms with the light adapter using the LUPINE mounting screws.

Which smartphones are the COVERS available for?
The covers are available for the iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6+/7+/8+, iPhone X, Samsung S7/S8/S9 and the Huawei P20 Pro.

Which COVER can I use if I do not have one of these smartphones?
There is a universal adapter available that can be adhered to an existing hard cover (silicone, soft and multi-piece covers are not suitable ). The mounting is self-adhesive and should be attached to the centre of the cover if possible.

Can I adhere the universal adapter to a soft cover or direct to the back of the smartphone?
No, the adapter is only suitable for use with a hard cover. Please do not adhere the universal adapter direct to the smartphone and always use a hard cover.

Can I also use the COM/UNIT when it is raining?
Yes as the COM/UNIT is produced with a IP54 weather protection rating.

Does COMPIT also fit on an aero handlebars?
The system is suitable for use with all handlebars that can be combined with a front-end combination and has a clamp diameter of 22.2 mm / 25.4 mm or 31.8 mm. The clamp diameter has to extend over a minimum width of 70 mm.

Questions concerning the charging of the COM/UNIT and the smartphone

How do I charge the smartphone using the COM/UNIT?
Charging takes place inductively ( wirelessly ) after mounting. Should you have a smartphone that does not have an inductive charging function, you will require a matching charging cable. This is also available from SKS (Lightning, Micro USB and Type C USB).

How do I know which is the right cable for my smartphone?
You can determine this by looking at the USB cable outlet.

What is an NFC chip?
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a radio standard for a contactless data transfer. The chip enables NFC-capable mobile telephones ( currently only Android ) to be equipped with diverse individually programmable functions.

How is the chip programmed?
The setting functions are programmed using a trigger app. You have to download this from Google Play.

How do I use the NFC chip?
After the NFC has been activated on the smartphone, you have to hold the smartphone close to the +COM/UNIT NFC chip (from a distance of 1-4 cm). The content of the NFC chip is read out and the function that is programmed on the NFC chip is executed.

What is a Qi-Charger?
This technology makes it possible to transmit energy over short distances by means of electromagnetic induction ( inductive charging ). The +COM/UNIT that is certified with this standard is able to charge your smartphone wirelessly on the basis of the Qi standard.

How long can I ride my bike when both the smartphone battery and the +COM/UNIT are fully charged?
A use of approx. 10 hours with full capacity is possible if the smartphone battery and the +COM/UNIT are fully charged.

How long does it take for the +COM/UNIT to recharge?
A completely empty +COM/UNIT takes approx. 6 hours to recharge, depending on the charger.

Is the smartphone charged during the journey while in navigation mode?
Yes, but the charging of the smartphone is restricted during permanent navigation. The battery status of the +COM/UNIT should be at least 50% so that the smartphone can be adequately supported when navigating.

Can I use my eBike to charge my smartphone while riding my bike even if the +COM/UNIT has no charge?
Yes, but the smartphone has to be in standby mode.

Can a smartphone be directly charged via the Bosch Intuvia Display (without a +COM/UNIT)?
Yes, that is theoretically possible but the output current is so low (<0.5 A) that it is not possible to charge the smartphone and use a navigation app at the same time.

Does the +COM/UNIT place a burden on the eBike battery during charging or does it have an effect on the range?
No, the charging of the +COM/UNIT only requires a small amount of power so that this does not have an effect on the range of the eBike.

Is the +COM/UNIT charged first if the smartphone is in standby mode?
No, the smartphone always has priority. The +COM/UNIT is only charged after the smartphone has been fully charged

Which eBike motor manufacturers are COMPIT or +COM/UNIT compatible with?
With all of the manufacturers in theory but this is subject to the following requirements: the handlebars need to have a diameter of 22.2 mm, 25.4 mm or 31.8 mm and the front-end combination width or the front-end combination cap has to be max. 49 mm. The board computer has to be equipped with a micro USB current outlet (can also be altered using an adapter). Another requirement is that the eBike drive system has to have a 5V-15V outlet and the current has to be a minimum 0.5 A.

Why is the +COM/UNIT not charging my smartphone?
Ensure that the +COM/UNIT is switched on and is sufficiently charged and that the cable adapter is correctly positioned.

Does the COM/UNIT support the ‘pass through’ technology?
No, they can’t. The COMPIT system holds the smartphone reliably and it’s low in vibration. Therefore it’s really easy to use the smartphone and to read what is indicated on the display. Furthermore, the stable and micro-steamed COMPIT mount prevents a damage of the sensitive electronic components of the smartphone.

Can vibrations which are caused by uneven ground damage my smartphone during a ride?
Yes, it does. You can simultaneously charge the COM/UNIT with frame contact or with a USB-Port of the E-Bike and discharge it by charging your mobile device itself (with cable or wireless).