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Do not rely on the rule of thumb is not a rule


The obligatory thumb pressure test before a bike tour is now no longer needed. This is now done by the AIRSPY tyre pressure sensor. Once mounted on the valve, it constantly monitors the tyre pressure and transmits the real-time data to compatible bike computers (GARMIN) or smartphones with the SKS MYBIKE app. The inconspicuous air spy sounds an alarm should pressure deviations be detected, thus preventing the notorious “slow puncture”.

Bring your performance to a new level:

  • Better safety & riding comfort
  • Less tyre wear
  • Improved braking distance
  • Best puncture protection

The digital tyre pressure sensor


  • Permanent tyre pressure monitoring with an alarm function
  • Data transmission to compatible smartphones or bike computers via Bluetooth or ANT+
  • Can also be used as a mobile digital pressure gauge
  • Dustproof and watertight
  • 4 U-locks in various sizes included in the scope of delivery
  • Schrader (SV) and Presta/Dunlop (AV/DV) version


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Tyre pressure calculator


The tyre pressure calculator from SKS GERMANY calculates the right tyre pressure based on your information. This ensures better riding comfort, safety and puncture protection.

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Stay connected


The digital age offers many advantages, also in the bike industry. The best example of the use of digital technology on a bicycle is the innovative COMPIT system. SKS GERMANY has developed free, service-oriented software tools: The SKS MYBIKE app and the SKS DEALER PORTAL. The tools sync and serve as a modern communication platform between dealers and consumers.

The SKS MYBIKE app allows you to bike with confidence. It helps you navigate and plan your route and provides you information on storm warnings, dealer locations, and service stations. The application can be started immediately without logging in. Additional features include the clean cockpit, speedometer, digital bicycle bell, and the bicycle passport. MYBIKE saves all important data, and the data can be retrieved in the event of theft and sent immediately online to the police or the insurance company. The SKS MYBIKE app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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