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Impact-resistant mud busters for your bike


Mudguard set for kids

Cool mountain bike dirtboard set for cool kids: Children are also protected from spray water with the SKS ROWDY mudguard made of high-performance impact-resistant plastic. The split design of the front mudguard makes the mounting even more flexible.

Adaptable to fit all frame geometries

The angle of the bracket for the rear mudguard can be adjusted via a slotted hole and two hinge points. It can be adapted to fit all frame geometries thanks to the multi-adjust design. Also suitable for suspension forks and full suspensions.

• Easy and flexible mounting
• Made of high-performance impact-resistant plastic
• Multi-adjust design to fit all frame geometries
• Suitable for children’s mountain bikes
• Made in Germany

German SRP: 19,99 €
art.No: 10078
material: plastic
color: black
weight: 205 g
max. outer diameter: 40 mm
wheel size: 20", 21", 22", 23", 24 "
tyre width in inches: 1.75"-2.15"
tyre width in mm: 45-55 mm
length front fender: 530 mm
length rear fender: 525 mm
Produktabbildung ROWDY SET
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