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12. February 2024

Bikepacking on the Trans American Bicycle Trail

Once across America A man, a bicycle, 8371 kilometres and 71000 metres in altitude. For Tom de Coene, the...
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29. November 2023

SKS GERMANY presents a special edition of the Rennkompressor 

Floor pump as a limited edition in the Alpecin-Deceuninck design Since 2022, SKS GERMANY has supported the Belgian WorldTour...
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10. February 2023

Which pump type are you?

Find the right air pump Valve system, volume flow, tyre pressure – Before purchasing an air pump, there are...
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2. September 2022

From the granulate to a mudguard

The perfect product in 8 steps Have you ever wondered how a mudguard is made? Well thought-out developments and...
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18. August 2022

Sights set firmly on the 2024 Olympics

The Bart Brentjens Mountain Bike Racing Team “Top-class sport enriches our lives,” says Bart Brentjens. He was the first Olympic...
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4. July 2022

On the up and up

The history of SKS pumps It is a saviour in your hour of need when you get the infamous...
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30. March 2022

Girl power on two wheels

THE WHEEL DIVAS CYCLING TEAM They don’t have any diva-like airs and graces. In a male-dominated cycling industry, extravagant behaviour...
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1. March 2022

Penny-Farthing rider Arie Liefhebber

The world from a different perspective Back then, it was the status symbol of wealthy English men to be...
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3. January 2022


Even the shortest tour is turned into a „splatter tour” without the right mudguards. Water and mud splatter not...
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16. November 2021

Opa seiner – Grandpa’s one

The service division of SKS GERMANY sometimes achieves quite curious requests. So technician Winfried Geuecke got in 2013 a...
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4. November 2021

Between singletrails and social media

She is a professional mountain biker, loves adventure trips and has over 32,000 followers on Instagram: Steffi Marth is...
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23. August 2021


A masterpiece on two feet
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29. June 2021

Harald Philipp: Search for Meaningfulness at the end of the world

Harald Philipp is an adventurer by profession. His passion is discovering unknown tracks. The extreme mountainbiker has ridden on...
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22. July 2021

SKS once again recognised as a bike-friendly employer

The company scored highly again with a series of measures that make it easier for SKS commuters to use...
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1. July 2021


PASSION FOR COLLECTING THE RENNKOMPRESSOR PUMP – a phrase that is not nearly as long as the array of...
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2. June 2021


Actor, opera singer, clown and cycling ambassador. Uwe Rohde is a jack of all trades. He gives his all...