Tradition meets transformation

Beitrag vom:12. June 2023


Some decisions you only take once in a lifetime. This applies to the purchase of a Rennkompressor pump. The cult product from the SKS pump workshop is regarded as the only legitimate father of all floor pumps. But nothing is as constant as change. After almost six decades, the time has come to open another chapter in the success story. 

Retro picture shows a man holding the original model of the Rennkompressor  in his hand.
An icon: The RENNKOMPRESSOR pump has shaped various eras of cycling history. 

A brand-new edition of a classic

The RENNKOMPRESSOR NXT is an enhanced version of the legendary floor pump. It combines the basic elements of the original model with the demands of the modern world. Developed with proven principles but its own highlights. But with improved core attributes, it is still deeply rooted in the DNA of the Rennkompressor pump. Authentic, solid and reliable.

View under the foot of the floor pump
One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind: The base of the RK NXT is reminiscent of the first moon landing. 

In love down to the smallest detail

With its robust appearance, the new floor pump remains true to the tool character of the original. By contrast, the clean stealth design reflects today’s zeitgeist. If you look closely , you can discover some striking details from the original Rennkompressor pump. 

Detailed view of the pressure gauge
The fluted shape of the pressure gauge bezel is reflected in the new model.

RENNKOMPRESSOR update with added value

In terms of ease of use, the RENNKOMPRESSOR NXT has a lot to offer: The pressure cylinder in a solid steel tube provides air power of up to 16 bar. You can read the tyre pressure perfectly on the pressure gauge and a digital version is also available (RENNKOMPRESSOR NXT DIGI). The die-cast aluminium base with a non-slip rubber pad guarantees a secure grip when you are inflating tyres. The MV EASY valve head ensures that tyres can be inflated effectively.

RENNKOMPRESSOR stands next to bicycle tyre.
For space-saving transport, the metal feet can be pressed together and folded away and the beech wood handle can be removed without tools.

For a lifetime – and even longer

Every single pump is produced in the Sauerland region with love and air as well as passion and craftsmanship. The high quality standards and the replaceability of the spare parts make the RENNKOMPRESSOR NXT a companion for a lifetime and even longer. Your great-great grandchildren will thank you.

By the way, the original will still be available in the future! The RENNKOMPRESSOR pump in the typical SKS orange colour is still available with three different valve connections (an EVA or MULTI VALVE head or a brass push-on nipple).