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The new RENNKOMPRESSOR floor pump generation

Tradition meets modernity: The RENNKOMPRESSOR NXT combines the basic elements of the legendary original with the demands of the modern world. The upgraded version ensures more volume when inflating tyres with its taller steel tube. The rubberised, non-slip cast aluminium base ensures the stability of the pump. The tyre pressure (up to 16 bar) can be read perfectly on the large pressure gauge. An upgrade to a digital version is optional. The folding, plastic-coated metal feet can be easily snapped into place for transport.

With a rubberised, non-slip cast aluminium base

The SKS floor pump is equipped with the revised MV EASY MULTI VALVE valve head with innovative rocker technology. The beech wood handle sits comfortably in the hand and can be removed without tools for space-saving transport. With its robust appearance, the RENNKOMPRESSOR NXT remains true to the tool character of the original model. In contrast, the clean stealth design corresponds to the zeitgeist and is based on the SKS floor pump range.

• Precision pressure gauge
• Solid metal tube
• Rubberised, non-slip aluminium base
• Folding snap-in feet
• Removable beech wood handle
• With an MV EASY MULTI VALVE valve head
• Made in Germany

German SRP: 99,99 €
art.No: 11999
color: black
hose length: 1200 mm
valve: AV, SV, DV
output max: 16 bar / 230 PSI
height: 730 mm
cylinder inner: metal
foot: metal
handhold: wood