Beitrag vom:2. June 2021

Actor, opera singer, clown and cycling ambassador. Uwe Rohde is a jack of all trades. He gives his all with his acting talent in many films. Uwe Rohde was a guest of SKS GERMANY at the presentation of TEAM SKS SAUERLAND NRW and explained in an interview why cycling has always been part of his life.

In your youth you were a professional racing cyclist. Do you still like to hit the pedals today?

It is true that in my youth at the start of the 1970s I raced as a member of the Wuppertal cycling club “Endspurt 08”. But I was a far cry from being a racing cyclist. I put a great effort into the races back them in the Ruhr region but without success – always with the hope and belief that I would be a real racing cyclist one day. Unfortunately, it was a childhood dream. However, I kept the great passion and fervour for cycling in the end. 

What exactly fascinates you about cycling?

From a young age, I was fascinated by distance, the wide world. In the mid 1960s, my parents still didn’t own a car and my range of activity was limited to the school route and a few blocks around my home. My mobility changed suddenly when I was about nine years of age and got my first bike that had been cobbled together. The new experience of freedom and adventure gave me boundless inspiration in the truest sense of the word and every bike tour that I made felt like a journey. 

How did you get your role as vice president of the German Cycling Federation?

I have been vice president for communication in the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Cycling Association for a few years. I had initial discussions and considerations with the federal executive board at the 2017 national annual general meeting as to whether I could envisage getting involved at national level. These thoughts intensified in the spring and in April 2019 I finally stood for election at the annual general meeting.

You were born in Gladbeck. What made you move to the far north?

The north is very close to my heart and I enjoy living in Dithmarschen close to the North Sea. The quality of life here allows me to recharge my batteries and provides a haven of peace to balance out my career. Cycling on my bike through the flat countryside in my free time is a great pleasure for me. 

You were also an acclaimed opera singer in addition to your acting. Are you still active as a musician? 

Music has taken a prominent position in my work and I love music. In order to answer the question correctly, I should provide an explanation of the definition “active musician” … but I will just respond with “yes”.

You completed training as a clown. Do you sometimes put on your red nose? 

My life is colourful and the red nose adds a splash of colour now and then.