Where to put your bike bottle?

Beitrag vom:10. June 2021

You are surely familiar with the problem: you have purchased a new bike and fitted it out with mudguards, a bell and other accessories. But where should you put your bike bottle? There are usually no mounting holes for bottle holders, especially on e-bikes. Many geometries often do not provide an option for mounting a bottle holder.

Especially on bicycle tours in summer temperatures, it is important to take enough water with you to regulate the fluid balance in your body and maintain your performance. So what do you do if the bike frame cannot accommodate a bottle holder? 

Three ultimate mounting options for your bottle holder

Option 1: Anywhere and everywhere

The ANYWHERE mounting system

The SKS bottle holders TOPCAGE and VELOCAGE can be mounted with straps and adapters wherever there are no holes.

The adapters are attached with durable hook and loop fasteners. You can shorten them without any problems. The rubberised surface protects the paint and ensures that nothing will slip even when cycling on rough terrain. 

Perfect for longer tours or bikepacking adventures: you can take several drinking bottles with you with the ANYWHERE system.

Option 2: Quick and flexible


Once screwed to the adapter, the bottle holder can be mounted and detached in seconds using the proven “quick-release” fastening system. Thanks to the adjustable robust strap, you can mount the holder on the bike seat post, stem or frame. The angle setting ensures optimal alignment of the drinking bottle: the tilt of the bottle holder can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

Option 3: Clever meets smart

The COM/CAGE VELO bottle holder system

What does a mobile phone holder have to do with a bottle holder? A great deal in the case of the COM/CAGE VELO: an adapter connects the bottle holder to the
COMPIT smartphone holder. The bike bottle is readily accessible on the handlebars at all times and can be easily removed to take a drink.