5 useful products for e-bikes

Beitrag vom:14. November 2022

These accessories will make e-biking even more fun

There’s no question: Life is more enjoyable with e-bikes. Is there anything better than discovering new horizons with a “tailwind”? There are a whole range of suitable bicycle accessories to make e-biking even easier. In this blog, we will show you five useful products that will not only improve your safety but also enhance your enjoyment factor. 

1. A back-friendly foot pump

Tyre pressure is particularly important for e-bikes. If the pressure is just one bar below what it should be, this will reduce your cycling range by 15 kilometres! The correct tyre pressure is also the best protection against punctures. With the AIRSTEP foot pump, you can adjust the tyre pressure before your tour – very easily with a back-friendly posture. 

Picture shows a foot operating the Airstep foot pump.

Tip: Do you want to be able to read the tyre pressure at all times? The AIRSPY tyre pressure sensor continuously transmits the air pressure to your mobile phone or Garmin device. The ultimate control! 

2. Universal bottle holder mountings

Most e-bikes have little or no space for a bottle holder. With the ANYWHERE mounting system, you can mount bottle holders anywhere that there are no holes. 

The Anywhere mounting system with bottle cage is mounted on the bike frame.

Another solution is the CAGE SHIFTER. With its slotted holes, it allows the bottle holder holes to be moved.

Picture shows bottle cage as it is mounted on the e-bike frame with the Cage Shifter

3. An energy-charged mobile phone holder for e-bikes

Since an e-bike often covers longer distances, the mobile phone battery quickly reaches its capacity limits when out and about. The COMPIT system with a power bank offers a solution. Simply affix it to the COMPIT mobile phone holder, attach the smartphone on top and your mobile phone will be charged wirelessly. By the way, you can also attach the mobile phone holder to e-bike handlebars with central displays. 

Picture shows COMPIT mobile phone holder on the handlebar of e-bikes with Bosch display

4. A bike bag with space for the charger

Worried that the battery range will not be sufficient? Then simply take the charger with you! The BOSCH Compact Charger, for example, can be easily transported in the TRAVELLER SMART top tube bag. You can also store your smartphone in the built-in mobile phone compartment. An extra compartment for a power bank is also available.

Picture shows bicycle bag Traveller Smart attached to the top tube of the e-bikes

5. A mudguard that also protects the battery of e-bikes

Who wants to ride around in dirty clothes while out cycling? The X-GUARD downtube mudguard not only keeps spray water at bay. It also protects the e-bike battery against dirt and stone chippings. The straps are extra long and can be shortened as required, so the X-GUARD is suitable for all common battery variants.

Picture shows the mudguard X-Guard mounted below the battery on the e-bikes