Gravel the next level!

Beitrag vom:6. January 2023

These 6 upgrades will make gravel biking even more fun

Whether for bikepacking adventures or daily commuting to work. Whether on asphalt, gravel tracks or flowing trails – gravel bikes are true all-rounders. Take your bike to the next level! We will introduce you to six productsthat will not only provide an upgrade in terms of comfort and safety, but also guarantee to increase the gravel fun factor. 

Cyclist riding gravel bike through fields

1. AIRMOTION floor pump – for a good gravel ride

The next gravel tour has to be carefully planned. So check your tyre pressure before each trip as this has a big influence on grip and riding performance. Gravel tyres can be easily inflated with the AIRMOTION 12.0 floor pump. You can read the pressure accurately on the precision pressure gauge at the top – because every bar matters when you are gravel biking. 

Picture shows floor pump from above with view of pressure gauge
The long high-pressure hose of the AIRMOTION pump provides plenty of space when inflating your tyres.

2. AIRSPY tyre pressure sensor – for full control

Upgrade for better performance: The dust -proof and watertight AIRSPY tyre pressure sensor continuously monitors the air pressure of bicycle tyres. The data is transferred to smartphones with the SKS MYBIKE app or a Garmin bike computer. In case of a slow puncture, the sensor attached to the valve warns you in good time via the in-app alarm. 

Picture shows tyre pressure sensor Airspy on the tyre
The little spy located between the spokes prevents the “slow puncture”. 

3. EXPLORER bikepacking bags – for your outdoor gravel adventure

Starry skies, campfires and the feeling of freedom. Bikepacking combines cycling pleasure with a touch of outdoor survival. But where do you put your tent, sleeping bag and other items? Turn your gravel bike into a packhorse: The waterproof SKS bikepacking bags offer plenty of storage space, as well as lots of user-friendly features, such as a vent valve, adjustable straps and spacers for individual adjustment or a clip-on mudguard on the saddle bag. 

Gravel bike standing against a house wall, equipped with SKS Bikepacking bags.
SKS bikepacking bags turn a gravel bike into a packhorse. Photo: Vojomag, Jan Geys

4. COMPIT+/POWER mobile phone holder – for a smart connection

It’s fun to navigate through unfamiliar terrain while gravel biking. With a COMPIT+/POWER, you always have a view of your smartphone. The mobile phone holder is ideal for gravel bikes because even in rough off-road use your mobile phone remains firmly connected to the bayonet mount. A power bank with a wireless charging function, which can be attached to the system with just a twist, provides additional energy.

Picture shows the COMPIT mobile phone holder from below on the bike handlebars
With a COMPIT, the handlebars remain free and the cockpit remains clean.

5. SPEEDROCKER – for a smile instead of freckles 

Rock the gravel! The SPEEDROCKER, specially developed for gravel bikes, conjures up a broad smile on your face instead of spray water. A special feature is the double spoiler function on the front mudguard and the telescopic extension profile. Anyone who wants to protect the riders behind them from the notorious “freckles” will attach the SPEEDROCKER EXTENSION mudguard extension to their rear mudguard. 

Gravel Bike with SKS mudguard riding through a puddle
No fear of muddy bike tours. The SPEEDROCKER keeps you dry.

6. AIRFLEX EXPLORER mini pump – for air power on the go

Your tyre pressure should be adjusted whilst out and about depending on the surface. The small and lightweight AIRFLEX EXPLORER ensures the right air pressure. The valve-friendly mini pump with a pull-out hose provides you with sufficient space for pumping up to 5 bar. With the dust cap the pump head is protected against moisture and dirt, especially when riding off-road. So nothing stands in the way of boundless gravel biking fun.

Man inflating tyres with SKS mini pump
Well protected on the inside: The pull-out hose for valve-friendly pumping.