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Kabel Typ C USB

Kabel Typ C USB

For charging whilst out cycling

The USB-C cable with an angled connector connects the smartphone attached to the COMPIT mobile phone holder to the COM/UNIT power bank. This means that the mobile phone can be easily charged on the go if it does not have an inductive charging function.

Connects the mobile phone to the power bank

The cable is extra short so it is barely noticeable and never gets tangled. Compatible with all mobile phones with a USB-C charging cable connection.

• Ideal solution for charging on the go
• Particularly short
• Practical and unobstrusive
• Suitable for mobile phones with a USB-C connection
• Accessory for the COMPIT system

German SRP: 12,99 €
art.No: 11544
available from: May 2019
color: black
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