Daniel Westphal from Hagen (Germany) sent us probably the craziest RENNKOMPRESSOR-story:

»Also I own a RENNKOMPRESSOR which is already more than 30 years old. During its life, it has experienced and survived four mountain and three racing bikes. Now, however, the rubber of the pump head has fallen victim to the natural wear after a pumping performance, which felt like 6,000,000 m³. Therefore, I went to a sports department store in Dortmund which also have your products in the assortment – but, unfortunately, not this special rubber. So I spontaneously bought a spare part for the current RENNKOMPRESSOR. At home, I had to cut the hose to mount the modern adaptor. And suddenly it happened: When I attached the sharp cutter´s knife to the hose to cut it off, the pump started to cry heartbreakingly! I thought, I didn’t hear properly, but she really cried! A cold shower ran down my back, combined with an very bad conscience and so immediately I stopped the underpinning. I do not know what possessed me to do such a cruel thing… You should not just cut the aorta of this golden piece! The pump has earned a fair treatment. So I searched for a fitting rubber on the SKS GERMANY-website. That’s when I found out that the RENNKOMPRESSOR turns 50 (it is just three years younger than me) and you are looking for nice stories to this occassion. Maybe mine is one. I would be so glad if you could tell me where I can get this special rubber! I need to two pieces for the next 30 years, so that I can pass on the pump to my children, as I probably will not do cycling at the age 80 years, will I? Maybe I will…you never know! But one thing is sure as eggs is eggs: If I have started the way of the transient for a long time now, the RENNKOMPRESSOR still works.«