…or, how Otto Peter hit upon the idea to create his own cycling museum.

»When reading a cycling magazine, I stumbled upon a report about a cycling race which took place on old racing bikes in Tuscany and I found it to be so interesting that I registered for the next “L’Eroica”. The race on historical racing bikes takes place over 75, 135 or 205 kilometres. The event also features a large parts market for historical bicycles. Exhibitors, primarily from France and Italy, present and sell all types of cycling products that were fashionable over the past decades. From that point on, I collected all types of cycling parts and bicycles from all eras with great enthusiasm. I retrieved some old bike parts from my father and I visited various markets. My friends and customers gave me some wonderful racing bikes as well as some that required plenty of restoration work. Together with Herbert Bauer, I restored them back to their original condition to the best of my knowledge. My collection has now grown to include 60 bikes. As an expansion of my business became inevitable due to a lack of space, I hit upon the idea to create a cycling museum. The museum includes images and bikes from former international cycling greats as well as previous domestic cyclists.«The exhibition also includes an SKS RENNKOMPRESSOR with a 40 mm tube that was used in Mr Peter’s own workshop over the course of many years.