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Tubeless kit for switching to tubeless tyres

The TUBELESS KIT contains all the necessary parts for switching to tubeless tyres: 2 bottles of sealant, 2 tubeless valves, 9 m of 25 mm / 29 mm wide rim tape, valve extractor, replacement valve, adapter for Presta/Dunlop valves and 2 tube sections for filling tyres. The SEAL YOUR TYRE sealant is also suitable for repairs or as preventative puncture protection and seals tears up to 6 mm.

With CO2-compatible sealant

SEAL YOUR TYRE’s special feature is its CO2 compatibility, enabling your tyres to also be filled with CO2. The contents of the bottles (2 x 125 ml) are sufficient for one mountain bike tyre set: 125 ml for each XC/AM bike tyre set, 250 ml for each enduro and downhill bike tyre set.

• With CO2-compatible sealant
• Includes accessories for switching to tubeless tyres

Art-no. 11492 Rim tape 25 mm

Art-no. 11493 Rim tape 29 mm

German SRP: 39,99 €
art.No: 11493
profile width: 29 mm
Produktabbildung TUBELESS KIT