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Mudguard extension for the SPEEDROCKER

Say goodbye to flying mud! The SPEEDROCKER EXTENSION clip-on mudguard extension mainly protects riders behind you from dirt and wet conditions. The extension made of black, high-performance impact-resistant plastic can be easily clipped onto the tried and tested SPEEDROCKER rear mudguard, thus extending it by 170 mm.

Protects riders behind you from spray water

It can be mounted and removed without any tools in just a few seconds. The greater clearance between the tyre and mudguard at the lower end also allows it to better deflect any spray water and mud. This not only protects the rider’s back but also their cycling companion from any flying dirt.

• Tool-free mounting and removal
• Made of high-performance impact-resistant plastic
• Only in combination with the SPEEDROCKER mudguard
• Made in Germany

Accessory for SPEEDROCKER 11567

German SRP: 9,99 €
art.No: 11656
available from: 3rd quarter 2020
color: black
weight: 36 g
length rear fender: 170 mm
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