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Mobile phone holder with a waterproof case

With the SMARTBOY smarthphone holder, the mobile phone can be attached to the handlebars of the bicycle or buggy in a matter of seconds – without any tools whatsoever. The smartphone pouch provided is attached to the mobile phone holder with a strong hook and loop fastener and can be easily removed from the handlebars. This protects the smartphone from moisture and it can be used easily through the transparent film.

For mounting on the handlebars without any tools

The screen protector around the “Home” button is designed in such a way that unlocking the mobile phone with fingerprint authentication is possible directly through the screen protector. Maximum smartphone size: 155 x 90 x 9 mm.

• Water-resistant
• Tool-free mounting
• Can be used through the transparent film
• Maximum smartphone size: 155 x 90 x 9 mm.

German SRP: 24,99 €
art.No: 11234
material: 100% Polyamide
color: black
weight: 49 g
Produktabbildung SMARTBOY