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The ML-BordoMount is an innovative mounting system for ABUS Bordo locks – magnetically guided and mechanically locked. The lock retainer automatically locks into place as soon as this is held above the magnetic mount on the frame (BikeMount). The ML-BordoMount is firmly connected to the bike after pressure has been applied to the insert that is integrated in the mount. It is released by pulling the tab of the insert. The ML-BordoMount is also suitable for use with especially narrow bicycle frames. A large number of Bulls, Hercules, Flyer, ZEMO, Pegasus and Kettler bicycles and eBikes from are already equipped with the holder but it can also be mounted on the bike.

German SRP: 34,99 €
art.No: 80208
material: plastic
color: black
weight: 200 g
measurements: 177 x 53 x 51 mm
Produktabbildung ML-BordoMount
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