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Trust is good, control is better


The compact and light AIRSPY tyre pressure sensor from SKS provides bikers with the certainty that they are riding with optimal pressure. Simply twist the valve adapter onto the valve, push the sensor onto it and off you go. When it has been mounted, the dustproof and watertight sensor permanently measures the tyre pressure. The air pressure sensor uses Bluetooth or ANT+ to transmit the precise real-time data to a compatible bike computer (GARMIN) or to smartphones that have had the SKS MYBIKE app installed on them. Not only does the app display the current air pressure but also the temperature and the battery level of the sensor. The inconspicuous air spy sounds an alarm should pressure deviations be detected. The AIRSPY can also be used as a mobile digital gauge so that the tyre pressure can be digitally measured each time the tyres are inflated. It can´t be simpler!
The AIRSPY is available as a set for the front and the rear wheels. It is suitable for use with all AV/SV valves and most Dunlop valves, in addition to tubeless tyres. Includes a CR2032 button cell and U-locks in various lengths.

art.No: 11610
material: plastic
color: black
weight: 18 g
valve: AV, DV
output max: 8.3 bar / 120 PSI
Produktabbildung AIRSPY AV