Even at the age of 50 years is the RENNKOMPRESSOR steadfast as anyway and ever. The slim assistant made out of steel became in the meantime a cult product and is appreciated as father (or mother) of all floor pumps. No wonder – he proves himself often as a knight in shining armour. He is an upright fighter, who also works out in hard operation and under pressure. But how has the name RENNKOMPRESSOR arisen?

Even the term »compressor« sounds like high performance, like strength and power. The perfekt workout-equipment for hard men upper arms und hard bicycle tyres. Lots of hot air and nothing behind? No way! Even women, who mostly think about tights when they hear compression, should feel a powerful and positive energy when they inflated a paddling pool. The slack term “floor pump” wouldn`t be fair for the energetic RENNKOMPRESSOR. This is much clear.

And what about the term »Rennen« (race)? Maybe they choosed this word, because you always have to look for the RENNKOMPRESSOR, when you need it. Therefore you run from your garage into the cellar and back again, to find it finally in the depths of your tool shed. Well, this is a possibility, but of course it is nonsense. The RENNKOMPRESOR is named like this as it was for the professional cycling. So that there is no misunderstanding, it was constructed for racing (»Rennen«) bicycles. At this point of time there were no mountain bikes. But there is still one question, that we still cannot answer after a half century: Is the RENNKOMPRESSOR the father or the mother of all floor pumps? Although the E.V.A.-Valve refers to a female designation, whereas DER RENNKOMPRESSOR sounds obviously male (“Der” is the male article in German language). However: The SKS-RENNKOMPRESSOR is and will ever be the original, which even in 100 years won´t run out of air. This is as sure as the next flat on your bike.

Beatrix Collins