What does a RENNKOMPRESSOR experience during his long life? Geert Polak from Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) should know that. He worked as mechanic at Televiser, at Goudsmit-Hoff and for the women’s national team. “Every mechanican used to have is own high pressure pump those days. The RENNKOMPRESSOR did a great job! Let’s tell it him on his own..”

“After the training camp 1966 I had to do my best in Paris-Nizza. It was my first journey abroad and it followed a lot. In Paris-Roubaix the pressure of the tyres was very important. That was completly different from the track cycling races – due to the tension my whole body got warm! In that and also in the year after I made my contribution to many victories – as well as in 1971 and 1972. But then the team leader gave up his job and Geert the mechanic also did so I went on holiday. In 1985 we got active angain. We helped the women’s national team in Colorado-Springs at the world cup.

After that I finally retired. Many road bikes, which tyres I’ve pumped up once, aren’t alive anymore. I also have done my last breath in the meantime. Nevertheless, I believe in reincarnation. So I think that I will come back in a second life as a small KOMPRESSOR.”