“I have done a lot of nonsense in the past to the displeasure of some very respectable and serious characters but I was as meek as a lamb – I swear it! Vincent Kluwe-Yorck had an idea when he was cleaning out his coffee grinder (brushing the grinder mechanism out in addition to vacuuming and blowing out using a compressed air cartridge) as he always did each week. He was very annoyed at the horrendous prices being charged for the cartridges and decided to adopt an extraordinary measure. Here are his instructions:

“Your need a SKS RENNKOMPRESSOR and a piece of mountain bike inner tube with a valve. The tube is pushed over the tip of the grinder 2 (see Ill.) and tip 1 (see Ill.) is placed on the valve. This is then strongly blown through using the RENNKOMKPRESSOR.“

The result: the grinder was clean but the kitchen was filthy. Vincent Kluwe-Yorck had to “blow“ over the kitchen walls and ceiling, including all of the cups inside and out, not forgetting every crack and crevice in the floors. He used the vacuum cleaner this time however.