On the question »What is your best memory of your first RENNKOMPRESSOR?« Jean Habets from the Netherlands answers without hesitating: »It was the day I bought the pump.« It was in 1978. Jean has picked cherries on the Mescherheide for the whole season to earn the money to buy the pump by himself. Finally, he bought the good piece from Jantje Willems, and so he was also a proud owner of a RENNKOMPRESSOR. He put the pump in his shirt, fixed it with a tube on his back and drove back home by bike. At this moment he was the happiest person on earth.

The pump brought luck to him. Jean became a bicycle professional for the Skilteam and was the right hand of Sean Kelly. His biggest victory was the Grand Prix de Fourmies in France. Today Jean Habets is an owner of a bicycle store. And there, in the middle of the store, the first RENNKOMPRESSOR stands nobly as a memory of a happy time.