»Us legendary 66s become 50!« writes Hanspeter Klankermaier from Riemerling in Bavaria. »The RENNKOMPRESSOR and me are here since 1966 and please the world. Not always, as sometimes, the air is out and the pump cannot help if there is a hole in the tire. My relation to the RENNKOMPRESSOR started in 1981. I got 15 years old, it was a present of my parents. The pump still had the brass head and was »Made in Western-Germany«. Many beautiful memories are based on this time: I remember it like it was yesterday when Eddy Merckx himself has presented his racing bikes in my native village. Meanwhile the »RENNKOMPRESSOR Numero uno« has turned into a »Trio«. Sometime, a new pump had to be purchased although the first one still worked well. Today, a third copy renders his service. Without air nothing works.”

We from SKS Germany are completely on his opinion!