When SKS GERMANY asked us to design the anniversary model of RENNKOMPRESSOR we felt honoured. During various conversations with the SKS-TEAM we noticed quickly how much of corporate history is bound to product and how strong the identification with the product of the employees is. Therefore, we worked on the project with an appropriate respect for this beloved pump. By using traditional materials, surfaces and colours as well as by avoiding modern materials as far as possible, we interpreted the long tradition of the RENNKOMPRESSOR in a new way with nice design elements. Especially small design details like the revised dial or the non-painted handle are very important for that. By building this traditional look of the anniversary edition we are emphasize the high quality and longevity of the product. So that the Rennkompressor can get a special place at his new owner’s we created a special leather anniversary sleeve together with SKS, which can be used as a wall bracket. Of course it is something really special to work on a limited edition as the product gets a special value for us as the designers as well.

We wish all costumers of SKS GERMANY much fun with this high-end product.