..  Ernst Stielemann from Bielefeld thought, as he had the opportunity to swap his old RENNKOMPRESSOR against the 50 year anniversary model on the SKS stand at the German Bike Festival in Willingen. “The old pump from 1987 has been always on board his estate car, as he was facing the challenge to conquer all mountain passes with his bike”, the avid cyclist, who has participated in the Tour de France from 1998 to 2005 as an amateur, remembers.

“Also as a non-license cyclist I was looking for a reliable pump which helps me to inflate the tyres easily to the desired pressure only in few strokes on every morning before the race started. Despite the tough service the RENNKOMPRESSOR never failed.”


For his red anniversary model the man from Bielefeld has extra set up now an easily accessible place in his workshop. “The new model will provide same good service to me as well as to other roadies.” Ernst Stielemann is absolutely sure about that.