»Of course I own a new RENNKOMPRESSOR – but why?« That’s a question Wilem van Melzen from the Netherlands asks himself quite often as he still uses his old RENNKOMPRESSOR.» From time to time I change the rubber and then the old pump works again«, he tells about his 35-years-old RENNKOMPRESSOR. The pump of SKS GERMANY has already travelled thousands of kilometres in his car – wherever his bicycle went, the pump went along. Wilem van Melzen used to participate races several times a week. Even today, after more than 35 years, the pump still seems to be new. »Now I am nearly 60 years old and I think this pump will survive me«, he grins. »Even if I become 105.«

And what about the new RENNKOMPRESSOR? It stands unused in a corner and waits vainly for being used. »My grandchildren or great-grandchildren will probably use it«, he smiles. »Unless they discover the old state pump. It will probably still work then!«