from Thorsten Firlus

“It was the last day in the old apartment, the bed, the cupboards, everything was already loaded and on the way to the new house. My RENNKOMPRESSOR with the always cool cylinder stood downstairs in the stairway. It has been standing there for years, ready for hand, to do his services up to 8 bars. It was not an heirloom, I have bought him by myself. But it should have become one as soon as my children were older. Then suddenly it was gone. In a moment of carelessness, it probably got a new owner. For some years I’ve mourned it, sometimes filling in air with a normal hand pump, sometimes I breathing new life into flat tires at a filling station. However, it have not been perfect all the time. Then a plastic compressor came into the house. Oh well. It goes anyhow, if none gets stuck in the valve head. And then SKS Germany turned 75 years and it returned, the good old Rennkompressor! As a jubilee model!!! Since there it is there when I bring the pressure to 8 bar in the change zone of an Ironman in the morning and accompanies me despite his heavy foot on vacation in which it is has to get a whole fleet of vehicles on the road. It would be advisable to have the new anniversary model as a safety in the cupboard if I move once again. So I can bequeath a copy to BOTH of my children in any case.