Some years ago I got the rests of a bicycle workshop into my fingers. I could use a large part of the tools and only one old floor pump I have not used all time. The reason is the defect valve head which I actually wanted to repair long ago. But I already have a working pump. Some weeks ago I got a with information about the 50th anniversary of the RENNKOMPRESSOR from SKS GERMANY. I noticed the similarity between my old pump and the old Rennkompressor and recognized that my old floor pump is an old Rennkompressor. I estimate my Rennkompressor must be between 25 and 30 years old. After I had exchanged the defective head with a new multi-valve-head, I tested the pump immediately – and I was angry I have not done it earlier. I was surprised how fast and easy the tire was inflated. With the next attempt, I inflated the front tire of my Koga bike – to approx. 4.5bar with only one hand. Only then I had to use bothd both hands – it did not go that well with my other floor pump. I also do not have to work with an adapter anymore as the multi-valve heads fits perfectly. That’s where you can see once more the difference between a cheap product and the quality of the RENNKOMPRESSOR. Another advantage RENNKOMPRESSOR is that you can get every part as a spare part which makes you able to use the pump for a very long time.