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Monkey Bottle Large

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Monkey Bottle Large

The MonkeyBottle has been so designed that the cyclist can attach the water bottle to the bike and remove it again much easier. Thanks to the minimalistic design, it is possible to mount the bracket on any of the bike tubes and it is also suitable for mounting on even the smallest bike frame. its well thought-out design results in the standard bottle holders no longer being necessary, these being complicated and requiring a large amount of space. The cyclist only needs space for the bottle. Easy to use and easy to mount. The cap of this bottle is based on a globally unique technology. Strong magnets make closing it easy and a stable lock-in mechanism ensures a permanently high clamping force.

Available as:
Bottle with holder · 600 ml · Art. No.: 80110
Bottle without holder · 600 ml · Art. No.: 80111

German SRP: 34,99 €
art.No: 80110
material: plastic (free off BPA)
capacity: 600 ml
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