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Bike chain oil with an applicator for clean application

Never before has your chain been easier, more efficient and cleaner to lubricate. The oil bottle of the LUBE YOUR CHAIN bicycle chain oil comes with an applicator. This enables you to oil your individual chain links with optimum coverage and the oil stays exactly where it should. Thanks to the economical application and high efficiency of the chain oil, the contents (75 ml) are very efficient and last for up to 75 applications.

Solvent free high-performance oil containing PTFE

The chain oil also scores highly with its excellent corrosion protection and is 100% solvent-free. It contains PTFE, which forms a protective film during application, which reduces the metallic friction on the chain. This means that the bike chain oil reduces wear and noise. It also seals the gaps between the chain links.

• 100% solvent-free
• With an applicator for applying the oil
• High corrosion protection
• Very efficient
• Made in Germany

German SRP: 14,99 €
art.No: 11488
capacity: 75 ml
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