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Bike pump with a telescopic function and a folding T-handle

Full control even on the go: the SKS INJEX CONTROL mini pump has a small, round analogue pressure gauge at the end of the high-quality aluminium barrel. The integrated EVA pump head of this bike pump fits all types of valves and the clamp lever ensures a secure valve connection.

Full control thanks to the round analogue pressure gauge

The telescopic function and the folding T-handle ensure optimal and comfortable pumping up to 10 bar. The bike pump also comes with a pump holder.

• Ergonomic 2-component folding T-handle
• Telescopic function
• EVA valve connection
• Valve clamp lever
• With a pressure gauge
• Includes a pump holder
• Made in Germany

German SRP: 32,99 €
art.No: 11211
material: aluminium-plastic
color: silver
weight: 216 g
valve: AV, SV, DV
output max: 10 bar / 144 PSI
length: 283 mm
Produktabbildung INJEX CONTROL

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