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Universal luggage rack system for retrofitting

The INFINITY UNIVERSAL aluminium luggage rack system offers unlimited options for adaptation to nearly any bicycle. The adjustable mechanism allows the rack to be adapted to almost any geometry. Once the screws have been loosened, the tilt and height of the mounting system can be adjusted individually. The rapid clamping system with durable nylon straps ensures easy mounting on the seat bars.

With a click system for attaching bike bags

Another clever feature is the “MIK” (mounting is key) adapter plate. The click system makes it very easy to attach bike bags that can be easily snapped onto the luggage rack. They must be fitted with the MIK adapter. The INFINITY UNIVERSAL transports up to 12 kg of luggage safely and reliably (not suitable for carbon frames and not suitable for transporting child seats).

• For retrofitting on almost any bike
• Adjustment mechanism and rapid clamping system
• Made of sturdy aluminium
• With an MIK adapter plate for attaching bags
• Includes a torx key
• Made in Germany

German SRP: 109,99 €
art.No: 11885
available from: 1st quarter 2023
color: black
weight: 975 g
tyre width in inches: 2.8"