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QI-CHARGER The Qi-certified +COM/UNIT charging station allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly while riding – at any angle and with simultaneous use. Mobile devices that are not equipped with wireless charging can be connected and charged via the USB connection on the +COM/UNIT.

NFC-CHIP (NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION) With NFC-capable smartphones, the NFC chip integrated into the +COM/UNIT can be equipped with various functions, such as the SKS MYBIKE-app.


– battery capacity: 5000 mAh

– Qi – Wireless transmission power: 5W

– USB – Output: DC 5V/2A

– USB – Input: DC 5V/2A

– NFC – Chip: NTAG 216, 924 Byte

– weatherproof: IP54

Attach with a twist thanks to the oversized bayonet mount.

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