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Impact-resistant mud busters for your bike


Mudguard set made of a robust sandwich design

Enjoy cycling in any weather. The BLUEMELS 75 U mudguards cover tyre widths up to 65 mm. Thanks to the flexible sandwich construction, in which ultrafine aluminium strips are embedded in a matt black plastic coating, the mudguards are extremely robust, rigid and corrosion-resistant.

A whole load of cycling fun with all-round protection

The ESC safety system uncouples the stays should branches become trapped between the the spokes, so that the wheel is unable to jam. Includes accessories and stays.

• Sandwich design made from aluminium/plastic
• Robust, rigid and corrosion-resistant
• Extra wide
• ESC safety system
• Made in Germany

German SRP: 44,99 €
art.No: 11527
material: plastic
color: black matt
weight: 800 g
wheel size: 27,5" (650b)", 28", 29 "
tyre width in inches: 56-66 mm
length front fender: 680 mm
length rear fender: 920 mm
Produktabbildung BLUEMELS 75 U
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