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Bicycle basket made of sturdy steel mesh

Carry shopping and other items safely home. The MLT BASKET bicycle basket with a saddle recess is mounted crossways on the luggage rack. Small objects cannot fall through the close-knit steel mesh.

Secure mounting with the MonkeyLoad adapter plate

The MLT BASKET is secured with an adapter plate located on the underside. In a matter of seconds, the basket snaps into place on all luggage racks with the MonkeyLoad-T system. A cushioning layer under the plate ensures that the bicycle basket sits securely on the luggage rack stays and can also be secured with a lock. The locking mechanism is pulled forward to release it. The basket can then be easily carried with the folding, padded handles.

• Compatible with all MonkeyLoad luggage rack systems
• Pre-assembled MonkeyLoad adapter plate with a lock
• Made of close-knit steel mesh
• Padded carry handle
• Saddle recess
• Crossways mounting

German SRP: 49,99 €
art.No: 20611
material: Steel
color: black
weight: 2000 g
capacity: 26500 ml
measurements: 330 x 330 x 250 mm
Produktabbildung BASKET A-CROSS MLT
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