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High-performance and powerful


Floor pump with soft-touch handles

The SKS AIR-X-PRESS 8.0 stand pump offers a perfect price-performance ratio and impresses with its modern design. The high-gloss lettering is perfectly applied to the matt-black tube, while the longer tube has a clean look. The fluted surface of the handle allows for a secure hold during pumping and is pleasant to the touch.

With a pressure gauge for precise pressure control

The bike stand pump has a pressure gauge for precise pressure control (display in bar and psi). The MULTI VALVE valve head is suitable for all valves. The bicycle pump can be used to easily inflate bike tyres up to a pressure of 8 bar/115 psi.

• Soft-touch handle
• Precision pressure gauge
• Extended hose
• MULTI VALVE head for all types of valves
• Made in Germany


German SRP: 27,99 €
art.No: 11285
material: plastic
color: black
valve: AV, SV, DV
output max: 8 bar / 15 PSI
height: 600 mm
Produktabbildung AIR-X-PRESS 8.0

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