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SKS pump and repair station can be ordered now!

SKS PumpstationOne year ago IBOMBO, a Polish producer of pump and repair stations for bikes, caught the attention of SKS Germany since they chose to use the SKS AIRWORX floor pump for their stations (we reported). At that time SKS decided to order an IBOMBO-station with SKS design to provide it to a local restaurant which is also a hub for many cyclists. After this test-station has succeeded now, the station also is available for interested dealers, gastronomes and municipalities and can be ordered from SKS Germany.

The waiting has an end: The SKS pump and repair station can be ordered now! SKS Germany has been optimizing the station in cooperation with the manufacturer IBOMBO during the last month. Now the station can be ordered for a prize of € 425 (VAT excluded). Besides pumping up a flat tire, the station has also different mounted tools which help if a biker has a small defect.

All features of the pump and repair station at a glance

  • Galvanized station
  • Philipps screwdriver
  • TORX T25
  • Adjustable spanner 0-24 mm
  • Hex key set with handle 2-8 mm
  • 2 tyre levers
  • SKS AIRWORX 10.0 with Multi-Valve Head (for all ventile types) and wooden handle
  • Installation set (4 x anchors M10, 80 mm)
  • Deliverable from June 2015

Optionally, there is the possibility to order an extra bottom-plate which offers a bigger base so that the station can be set up without screwing it into the ground. The station can be mounted then on an object instead, e. g. with a chain, to save it from thieves. The price for the plate is 40,00 € (VAT excluded).

In case of questions or orders interested persons
may contact Linda Ullman from SKS Germany.
Phone: +49 2933 831275