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SKS Germany renewed its partnership with the ultracyclist Omar di Felice

Still together with the ultra athlete Omar Di Felice

After starting the collaboration during 2015, in a season full of success and satisfaction ended with the stunning victory at Ultracycling Dolomitica (and with the Italian specialty champion’s jersey) SKS Germany renews its partnership with the ultracyclist Omar di Felice.

Winter Challenge Extreme
2016 will immediately begin with a great extreme adventure: Omar will replicate dubling the distance trying to reach North Cape on a normal road bike after a 1300 km ride in Arctic winter’s conditions. After having cycled during winter 2014 for 700 km through Lapland, this will be the next winter challenge for him.
The adventure starts from the south end of the Lofoten Islands and ends after 7 stages with nearly 200 km/day to ride in extreme conditions. The adventure can be followed on social channels, thanks to the support team that will publish updates, photos and video clips regularly.

SKS Germany: Strong partner for hard challanges
SKS Germany will stand with Omar providing the special mudguards RACEBLADE PRO XL and S-BLADE, as well as accessories like the TOOLBOX TRAVEL and the RENNKOMPRESSOR pump, needed to complete the adventure at the best.

This will be just the beginning of a year which promises to be full of adventures and extreme feats, and whose main objective will be to confirm his leadership in the international ultracyclist events and in the Italian specialty championship.

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