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SKS Germany Products – Perfect for E-Bikes

SKS-Germany products perfect for  E-BikesSKS Germany is known for their high quality product range of bike accessories. So of course the company knows also which the best products for E-Bike-cyclists are. These products are marked with a „PERFECT FOR E-BIKE“- label.

The E-Bike has become more and more popular during the last years. With the rising demand for E-Bikes, the demand for E-Bike accessories rises as well. So it is self-evident that a company producing bike accessories like SKS Germany deals with this subject well.

“Already for a few years, we mark the products that we recommend for E-Bike-use”, said product manager of SKS Germany Sebastian Wedhorn. For this marking, SKS uses a green-white label with the title “PERFECT FOR E-BIKE”. Interested end-consumers can refine their search for e-bike accessories on the SKS-Website by clicking on this button. Thereby it’s easier to find e. g. a pump for an E-Bike.

Many consumers may ask themselves if they need a special pump or a tool for their E-Bikes at all and what the difference between a product which is “PERFECT FOR E-Bike” and a common product is.

“Basically every SKS product can be used on E-Bikes”, emphasized Sebastian Wedhorn. “The products which have the “PERFECT FOR E-BIKE”-label are especially easy and safe to handle and have specific product attributes. An example for this is the AIRKOMPRESSOR 12.0 (floor pump), which has an extra big precision gauge. So the metering of the pressure is very easy.”

Though more and more young people are interested in E-Bikes as well, the main target group of this sector are the Best Agers. They prefer an easy and fast handling. Moreover, most E-Bikes need higher pressure on their tyres as well as different tools than common bicycles. So these are the restrictions suitable products can be defined with.

SKS Germany recommends the following products for E-Bike-use:


The INJEX T-ZOOM mini pump offers, through its turn-off telescopic function, a high pressure as well as a high volume. The folding t-handle with its soft component provides a comfortable pumping. The MultiValve pump head is suitable for all valves.


The AIRKOMPRESSOR captivates by its extra-long steel tube that ensures great volume per stroke, its extra-large manometer as well as the multivalve head for all types of valves. With the greatest of ease, you will inflate the tyre of your E-Bike up to a pressure of 12 bars with this all-rounder. The floor pump is available in black and white.


The compact mini tool CT-WORX helps if you need to do a small repairing and adjustments on your E-Bike. With the integrated open-end wrench even wheels with a hub dynamo can be taken off to eliminate a flat tyre or put the bike into the car easily.


The SKS RACE BAG can easily be attached to the saddle rails without any tools. A separate compartment inside for a mini tool and water resistant material ensure all items are protected.