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SKS Germany has got a new 29er-Pumping-Team

New SKS 29er-Pumping-Team The new SKS pumping volume power package, consisting of a floor and a mini-pump, has already been commercially available since May.

The powerful TWENTYNINER is the ideal floor pump for all mountain and trekking cyclists. The pump tube is extra-long with an extra-large diameter, providing extremely quick pressure build-up, which can be checked on the 80mm/3inch pressure gauge.

The floor pump includes a ROOKIE 29er mini-pump which features an extended tube providing more volume than the standard ROOKIE (incl. water bottle clip). Additionally, a mattress and a ball adapter are included.

With its recommended retail price of 39.99 € this set is a real bargain and bestseller at the same time. As on all of its products, SKS offers a 5-year-waranty also on the TWENTYNINER-Set of course.