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SKS Germany awarded for familiy-friendly company policy

SKS Germany awarded for familiy-friendly company policyThe economic promotion of „Hochsauerlandkreis“ (a district in Germany) certified the family-friendly companies in their region for the third time. One of the awardees was the company SKS metaplast Scheffer-Klute GmbH from Sundern.

In November SKS Germany was awarded by the district authority of “Hochsauerlandkreis”, Dr. Karl Schneider, with the Certifitate “family-friendly company in Hochsauerlandkreis”. Before, SKS had to go through a certification process which lasted a few months.

At the beginning of the process SKS had to prepare an application which included amongst other points a self-check of family-friendliness. During a visit of an independent committee the statements made in the application were checked by them. Moreover, they interviewed some employees and the management about the topic “Family-friendliness at SKS”. It became clear that SKS Germany doesn’t have a fix program for family-friendly arrangements but in the past always individual solutions were found to meet family needs. For example, mothers are able to work from home on administrative activities. Furthermore, SKS has, especially in administration departments, many different models for flexible organization of working time. If employees needed to be released for a longer period of time to care for family members or adopt a child, solutions have been found many times.

During the certification three events dealing with the constitution of a family-friendly company occurred and SKS had the possibility to exchange ideas and information with other companies. Though most people think of a young family with children hearing „family-friendliness“, it became clear that the topic “Care of family members” becomes more and more important. Models like e. g. “Pflegezeit” (“Caring-time”) offer a possibility for employees to care for older family members. Unlike childcare, companies often do not know if an employee cares for a family member. That is why the responsible persons from SKS emphasized to their employees how important it is that they trust their manager with this topic.

The whole process of certification was not only to analyze the current situation but also to find out where SKS can improve in family-friendliness. All in all family-friendliness is an important topic for the company’s policy as one target of the SKS concept is: “We seek long-term bindings of our employees to our company.”

„We only can create this binding if we also keep the private and family circumstances of our employees in mind,” emphasized Josef Levermann, staff manager of SKS Germany. “The certificate for family-friendliness is for us a compliment for the accomplishments but also a stimulus for our future policy.”

For an employer it is effective in two ways to be known for family-friendliness: the remaining employees are being motivated and new applicants receive a positive image of SKS.

In the end of the certification process the responsible persons of SKS had to give a speech about “Family-friendlyness at SKS metaplast Scheffer-Klute GmbH” and to answer questions about this topic. Finally, the jury was sure that SKS is a family-friendly company.