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Scan-Codes on SKS Germany products

Scancode on SKS Germany productsFor a short time there are QR-Codes on the packaging of SKS products. The reason for this is an advertising-game in which great prizes can be won.

The principle of the advertising-game is easy. The buyer of a SKS product just needs to scan the code with a smartphone and the game-site will be opened. On the site he is asked to leave a feedback about SKS products. After leaving one he joins the advertising-game automatically.

In addition to various SKS products, which are raffled off weekly and monthly, participants also can win a cruise on the Starnberger Sea in Germany for 5 persons or a reserved table for 10 persons at the Oktoberfest in Munich 2015. The participation is possible until 31st December 2014. Afterwards the winners will be allotted and informed.

SKS Germany expects from the advertising game to get a constructive feedback from the end consumers, which can be forwarded to the development department in a second step and finally considered when they are developing new or improving existing products.