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New sponsor for the Ultra Athlete Omar Di Felice

2015-17-07-news-Omar-Di-FeliceExtreme challenges, insane distances, exhausting difficulties: this and much more is what ultracy-cling means.
This extreme cycling sport is where Omar Di Felice expresses his skills and at his best, throughout an exciting career. 2014 was the year of his consecration: Winner of Le Raid Provence Extreme (580 km. 12,000 D+), Winner of Tortour Switzerland (1,005 kilometers, 13.000 meters D+), right after crossing the Lapland through the Arctic winter reaching North Cape in only four stages, on an regular road bike.

Season 2015 began with ambitious and clear targets: to reconfirm his successes while setting the bar higher. In March, Omar has completed one of his most epic challenges covering in 4 days the 1.600 kil-ometers that lead to Rome from Paris, soon after winning the Race Across Italy, also valid as the first stage of the Italian’s Ultra cycling Championship (where Omar is currently leading the ranking). Later, in May he amazed everybody by winning again Le Raid Provence Extreme in ‘solo without support’, becom-ing the first ultra-athlete capable of winning this race in both modes, with support and solo.

Omar Di Felice has thus gained the right to be accounted as a member in the Ultra cycling elite club, and we also have to recognize him a further merit, to keeping drawing increasingly public attention to this sport.

SKS Germany is now proud to inform about our support and cooperation that will lead Omar to use and test our products in the current season.
To share our know-how, acquired in 80 years of developing and producing bike parts in Sundern, Ger-many, with Omar is an honour for us. We will offer all our resources to support Omar in achieving fur-ther success in this challenging sport.

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Twitter & Instagram: @omardifelice