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Made in Germany – Hautnah

SKS Made in Germany Hautnah participantsThe training course of the three brand manufactures SKS, ABUS and Busch & Müller inspires its participants the fifth time. Specialised dealers from all over Germany have the possibility to get to know the long-established companies better and see the production first hand.

Tradition meets Innovation – In the first week of November the three equipment manufacturers SKS, ABUS and Busch & Müller invited their retail partner to a special event. In keeping with the Motto “Made in Germany – hautnah” the dealers was given the possibility to get an insight into the production and learn more about the products. Besides experiencing the manufacturing first hand, the history, the background and the highlights of the companies were presented to the visitors.

The 3-day-event started in the showroom of SKS, called “Orange world”, with a short time travel through the world of air-pumps. In the middle of the production halls, in which for decades bike equipment of the highest quality is produced, is the communication and training center of SKS. The “Orange World” is located in a former assembly hall and now used as a showroom, where products and the history are presented, with integrated conference rooms. Pictures and products of former times are telling the history of SKS in here.

After a short lunch and a greeting of the CEO the tour through the production halls started. The participating dealers had the unique opportunity to see over the 3600-square-metre-area. Moreover the various manufacturing processes were explained to them. The retail partners were impressed by the diversity of the products and their processes of development. “I do sale SKS products for 20 years and have always dreamed of seeing the production first hand,” said a dealer.

The tour was followed by a presentation of the company and a product training. At the end of the day at SKS another highlight took place. The dealers had to assemble the INJEX minipump from pieces. Despite some difficulties everybody had a workable pump in the end. On the second day the lighting specialist Busch & Müller presented its production to the retail partners. Since 1925 the family enterprise develops and produces reflectors, bike floodlights, dynamos, gear boxes, driving mirrors and carrying wheels for children in Germany. The event was ended by ABUS where the participants got an insight into the impressive production of Home and Mobile Security. In the test labority they could convince themselves of the high quality of the products.

The event was again a complete success. The next appointment in February is already booked out. The presenters are sure that the event will be continued.