Which pump type are you?

Beitrag vom:10. February 2023

Find the right air pump

Valve system, volume flow, tyre pressure – Before purchasing an air pump, there are several things to note. Do you prefer comfortable pumping or are you in the “high pressure” team? Whether an athlete or a pleasure cyclist: You will certainly find the perfect pump for you in our overview. 

Type checker

Bulging upper arms, firm tyres and lots of air: You have fully checked that you need to inspect and inflate your bike tyres before each tour. A floor pump with a pressure gauge is therefore an essential item for you. A thicker floorpump tube is recommended for a 29″ inch mountain bike for plenty of volume per stroke. For racing bikes, a thinner tube is ideal, enabling smooth pumping with high pressure. A valve head for all valve types is also important.

Man with tattoo pumps with racing compressor.
Checker’s favourite: The RENNKOMPRESSOR for an extra boost of air.

“Deluxe” pump type

It is operated by foot but is still very popular: The foot pump makes pumping socially acceptable. With comfortable leg work and an upright posture, you can inflate bicycle tyres effortlessly. Perfect also for people plagued by back pain! By the way, foot pumps can be easily transported in your luggage compartment. However, you need a suitable valve attachment to inflate air mattresses or balls.

Woman with red pumps pumps with a foot pump.
“Pumping in pumps”: The AIRSTEP DIGI is also popular with women.

Pragmatic type

If you like things simple and practical, the classic frame pump is just right for you. This pump is clamped directly to the bicycle frame and is therefore always at hand. Since a frame pump is longer than a mini pump, you can inflate tyres faster. When making your purchase, make sure that the frame pump fits not only the size of the frame, but also the valve.  

Man holding a picture frame, the frame pump is clamped in it.
It doesn’t fall out of the frame: The “clamped” VX frame pump.

Tip: The valve should be in the upper part of the wheel when inflating tyres. It is important to ensure that the valve head is correctly positioned at a 90 degree angle.

The controller 

You are busy out and about and always have everything under control? Based on the motto “Better safe than sorry,” you should have a mini pump with you on bike tours or on your commute to work. The compact puncture tool is small, lightweight and fits in any (suit) pocket. Minipumps with a pull-out hose are practical because they enable comfortable pumping and protect the valve.

Man puts the mini pump in his jacket.
Perfect for commuters too: The AIRFLEX fits into any pocket.

Trail rider and off-road type

Flying gently over hilly single trails is your thing? In this case, you surely own a full suspension bike. These full suspension bikes are equipped with shock absorbers that lose air over time. With the help of a suspension pump, the suspension elements can be adapted to your body weight and riding style on forest tracks or country lanes. A pressure gauge ensures precise pressure adjustment. 

Woman holding two damper pumps with pine greenery like a bouquet of flowers.
The USP suspension pump is an SKS creation from the densely wooded Sauerland region.

Sports fanatic type

If you are unsure of the roads while out on your racing bike or mountain bike and love competitions, then you will need a CO2 pump. The way it works is simple: Instead of air, CO2 is filled into the tyres from a disposable gas cartridge. In a matter of seconds, with a lot of pressure and no exertion. This is therefore ideal for cycling races and is also suitable for setting up tubeless tyres. 

You can see a racing bike shoe, the CO2 pump is lying next to it.
If you have to inflate you tyres, you will lose. The AIRBUSTER CO2 ensures that tyres are firm in an instant.