Beitrag vom:23. August 2021

A masterpiece on two feet

It is grounded. It is reliable. A staunch companion that also works under pressure in the toughest conditions. The Rennkompressor floor pump has been manufactured by SKS GERMANY for over 50 years – in virtually the same design. Which product can make this very claim?

The birth of the pump

There was a real boom in road cycling in Germany in the mid-1960s. During a business trip, the pioneering idea of developing a high-performance pump for racing cyclists was put to SKS managing director Willi Blome and operations manager Walter Scheffer. Operations manager Walter Scheffer quickly had an image of the exact design for a floor pump. He sat at his drawing board and immediately got to work on the development. This marked the birth of the legendary Rennkompressor pump.

How the Rennkompressor pump got its name

The term Kompressor (compressor) conveys performance, strength and power. But what about the wordRennen (racing)? Maybe because you always have to race around looking for the Rennkompressor pump when you need it. So you run from the garage to the utility room and finally find the pump in the tool shed. This may be the case – but it is of course nonsense. This was the name given to the Rennkompressor pump because it was designed at that time for professional cycling. Essentially for racing bikes. Mountain bikes had not been invented at that time.

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Good for the environment

The Rennkompressor pump oozes quality with its robust steel tube, wooden handle and steel feet. With manufacturing in Germany, this enables energy-efficient production with short supply chains. Almost all thecomponents are replaceable and are still available years after the purchase, so the pump can be used over many generations. This supports the idea of sustainability, avoids waste and conserves resources.  

The father or mother of all floor pumps?

This question cannot really be resolved, even after more than half a century: Is the Rennkompressor pump the father or mother of all floor pumps? Whereas the E.V.A. valve literally sounds like a female name, the Rennkompressor pump takes on a masculine gender in German-speaking countries and so clearly sounds manly. Either way, The SKS cult product is and will remain an original that will not run out of air, even in 100 years time. This is as certain as the next flat tyre on your bike. 

Hardly any other product will last as long as the Rennkompressor pump. Of course, many exciting stories about the floor pump have been accumulated over time. Look out for funny and moving reports from fans of the Rennkompressor pump, which we will soon publish regularly in our blog!