Get more out of your bike!

Beitrag vom:30. March 2023

The INFINITY UNIVERSAL pannier rack is full of possibilities

Admittedly, pannier racks are not exactly sexy. But for shopping, commuting and bikepacking tours they prove themselves as a real transport all-rounder. Get more out of your bike! The INFINITY UNIVERSAL aluminium pannier rack, which weighs just 975 g, can be quickly attached and removed again just as quickly as required. For example, you can start your training session directly from the office. Decide for yourself how much bike you need! 

Luggage rack mounted on the bicycle.

Gravel or travel, bike or hike? 

With the INFINITY UNIVERSAL, you can expand your possibilities because the pannier rack will bring together your sports and day-to-day world. Thanks to the adjustment mechanism, the system can be adapted to almost any bicycle geometry and individually adjusted. With durable nylon straps, you can then easily mount the luggage rack on the seat bars and remove it again. Also suitable for full suspension bikes with flat seat bars!

Man mounts the luggage rack on the bicycle.

The trick with the click

A clever feature of the luggage rack is the “MIK” adapter plate. The click system makes it very easy to attach bike bags or baskets (for example, Basil). The reason: There is an adapter on the underside of the bag. With one click, the bag snaps onto the luggage rack plate, making it theft-proof, and it can be removed again just as quickly with a release stick.

Woman takes the bicycle bag off the carrier with the release stick.

Space miracle for your belongings

For shopping, for a trip to the countryside or for the office – the waterproof INFINITY TOPBAG bike bag keeps your belongings safe. With a volume of 7 litres, the Basil bag offers plenty of storage space and can be attached to the pannier rack with one click thanks to the MIK adapter. You can even use the bike bag as a practical shoulder bag. Chic, right?

The bicycle bag is filled with a bag of noodles.

The pannier rack turns your bike into a packhorse 

You love bikepacking adventures? Then luggage rack bags are a must. The INFINITY UNIVERSAL transports up to 12 kg of luggage safely and reliably. In addition to the Basil TOPBAG, all common side bags can be attached to the sturdy stays of the pannier rack so that you are perfectly kitted out for multi-day tours.

Luggage rack with two side panniers, mounted on the bicycle. A landscape can be seen in the background. A man is taking photos.

Make your bike fit for everyday use

See and be seen: The INFINITY UNIVERSAL REAR LIGHT from Spanninga ensures safety and visibility. The rear light with a rechargeable battery can be easily mounted on the INFINITY pannier rack and then attached and removed without any tools. This turns your sporty bike into a roadworthy bike in no time.

Carrier with mudguard and illuminated rear light, mounted on the tyre.

Keeps your back clean

Rainy weather? Not a problem! With just a few simple steps, you can attach the INFINITY UNIVERSAL MUDGUARD REAR to the pannier rack. The aluminium/plastic mudguard is universally adaptable and will keep your back clean on all your journeys. Even during off-road use you will be protected against mud splashes – and your luggage will also remain clean.

Tip: For even more protection, mount the INFINITY UNIVERSAL MUDGUARD FRONT to the front fork!

By the way, the INFINITY UNIVERSAL is made of high-quality aluminium and was developed and manufactured by SKS GERMANY in Germany. It is not without reason that we provide a 5-year warranty. If that is not a promise of quality!