SKS once again recognised as a bike-friendly employer

Beitrag vom:22. July 2021

Great joy at SKS GERMANY: The corporate group has once again been recognised as a bike-friendly employer with the silver quality mark. 

The company scored highly again with a series of measures that make it easier for SKS commuters to use a bike to get to work. This includes, for example, the installation of an electronically lockable bike storage room with e-bike charging stations. In addition to a washing machine and drying facilities, there are also changing rooms and showers available to allow employees to get “ready for work” after their journey.

The bicycle leasing programme has also been particularly well received: More than 200 company bike contracts have now been concluded and 75 percent of the company bikes are e-bikes. “We are very pleased about the recertification,” states HR Director Josef Levermann. “All these measures contribute to promoting health and motivating our employees.” 

The EU-wide certificate was first awarded to the company in 2018 and is awarded every three years by the German National Cyclists’ Association (ADFC). “At SKS GERMANY, many aspects of the initiative have been implemented considerately and as a matter of course in day-to-day business life”, states Andreas K. Bittner from the ADFC at the presentation of the award three years ago. “The link between promoting cycling, financial incentives and company health management is exemplary and is conveyed well internally and externally.”